Ann works with local Realtors whose main objective is to sell a home. If you have any experience in the real estate business, then you know how hard it can be to tell a homeowner that their home is full of clutter and disorganization. While some homeowners may take your comments as useful, other may take offense to your comments as if it were a personal attack on their way of living.  This is why it is useful to employ a professional home staging service.

Ann’s group has the interior design credentials and a tactful approach to communicating with homeowners. Allow us to make those sometimes-uncomfortable comments and recommendations to your clients in a professional manner. Having a third party involved in the home staging process accomplishes your objective to get your listing in the best possible showing condition, while preserving your relationship with your client.

Our consultation services are discounted when working with Realtors!

  • HOME STAGING CONSULTATION FOR REALTOR’S CLIENT:  We can also work with you on an ongoing basis offering project specific room-by-room walk throughs and/or inspections of your listings. In this process we will consult and advise the homeowner how to best declutter, organize and stage their home in efforts to accentuate the positive attributes, while distracting from less desirable attributes.
  • COMPLETE HOME STAGING FOR REALTORS with Vacant Homes:  It is common knowledge that vacant homes do not show well.Beyond conducting a room-by-room walk through and/or inspection of your listing, we will develop an action plan to stage a vacant home like a model.  We will work more closely with you to select furniture, accessories and art work. We will arrange your floor plan and offer further solutions which will best accentuate the positive attributes of the entire home. This process often requires building an inventory of items (furniture, accessories, art etc.) which must be procured and/or rented. Beyond assessment and planning, we can even provide staff to assist in the procurement of new furniture, accessories and reorganization of space.
  • HOME STAGING CONSULTATION FOR REALTORS:  Staging by Ann will consultant and provide training to individual Realtors or groups of Realtors explaining the basic mechanics of home staging.


It is true that you never have a second chance to make a first impression! Therefore, it is important to implement staging techniques before you even put the for-sale sign in the yard. Staging a home will help you get the most money for your sale. Furthermore, the Association of Property Scene Designer reports that staged homes sell 43% faster than un-staged homes. This is true because staged homes give perspective buyers an idea of how their furniture and accessories can be positioned in their new home.