Home Staging for Homeowners

"Staging by Ann" works with local homeowners whose main objective is to sell a home. We accomplish this by utilizing our experience in interior design. 

Staging a home to sell gives the potential buyer a tailored perspective of how their future and accessories can be positioned in a home. Our consultation services result in an enhanced and efficient design for homeowners which will impress your perspective buyers.

Employing an interior designer to stage or enhance the layout of your home allows you to tap into our in-depth knowledge and experience which we have earned performing staging services for over 20 years.

We offer two home staging packages for specifically to homeowners:

HOME STAGING CONSULTATION:  Staging by Ann will conduct a room-by-room walk through and/or inspection of your living space. In this process we will consult and advise the homeowner how to best declutter, organize and stage their home in efforts to accentuate the positive attributes, while distracting from less desirable attributes.

COMPLETE HOME STAGING:  Beyond conducting a room-by-room walk through and/or inspection of your living space, we develop an action plan that will declutter, organize and stage your home.  We will work more closely with you to rearrange your floor plan and offer further solutions which will best accentuate the positive attributes of your entire home. This process often requires building an inventory of items (furniture, accessories, art etc.) which might be relocated or removed.

FURNITURE, ACCESSORY & ART PROCUREMENT: Upon establishing a budget, trust in us to procure the items required to fulfill your desired design. Staging by Ann offers this service at a low hourly rate when a staging agreement is executed. We can then fill in the empty areas in your living space with items that are in harmony with each rooms design.

When performing our home staging services, we consider the layout of your building and technical items such as lighting, color balancing (managing how colors affect space and moods), knowledge of fabrics, and styles and trends. 

Beyond assessment and planning, we can even provide staff to assist in the procurement of new furniture, accessories and reorganization of space.

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