Interior Design

Though "Staging by Ann" often works with Realtors and/or homeowners whose main objective is to sell a home, we also perform interior design services for homeowners who wish to simply enhance the design and/or efficiency of their current space. As an interior designer, "Staging by Ann" creates effective and efficient design solutions of interior spaces. Employing an interior designer to stage or enhance your homes layout allows you to tap into our in-depth knowledge and experience which we have earned performing such services for over 20 years.

When performing our services we consider the layout of your building and technical items such as lighting, color balancing (managing how colors affect space and moods), knowledge of fabrics, and styles and trends. 

There are a variety of steps required for Staging By Ann to deliver a perfect interior design:

First, we perform a feasibility study which includes a walk-through of the subject space with the owner or inhabitants. With or without a set of existing architectural, this walk-though allows our staff the ability to get an idea of the space and any preconceived ideas and objectives the owner might have. Additionally, this initial assessment helps us gain insight as to the character of the owner's personality and the character of the existing furniture. We learn which items the owner may wish to keep and preserve in their future design, or relocate and/or remove.

Secondly, we work with our clients to establish a project budget. Once a budget is established we are able to begin making recommendations relative to finish design selections which may include new furniture, art and accessory selection and placement.  

Beyond assessment and planning, we can even provide staff to assist in the procurement of new furniture, accessories and reorganization of space.


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